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How to Start With Sustainable Investing with BUX Zero? | YIM | Amsterdam


22-06-2021 om 19:00


22-06-2021 om 20:00

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Online via Zoom

Save the world while also saving money. Sounds good, right! But how? Get practical tips from our invited expert/platform BUX ZERO.

Online workshop/ inspiration session - June 22nd 19-20 pm

Maybe you don't know much about money or investing? However, 'paying' more attention to how and where you spend your money, does not only help to save more money for future dreams. Investing your money sustainably could also positively impact the world and help to accelerate the energy transition worldwide.

Therefore, we, as Young Impactmaker Amsterdam, invited Country Editor (and sustainable investing watcher) Pauline from commission-free investing app BUX Zero, for our upcoming event about: ‘How to start with (sustainable) investing?’. 

BUX Zero is an app which allows you to invest in shares and ETFs you care about. The app offers a seamless experience for the next generation of investors and is easy to use.

During this online Workshop/ Inspirationsession you will learn about:

- Why should you start with investing?

- An introduction to how investing works

- Sustainable/ impact investing

- How does the BUX Zero App work?

The mission of BUX is to help new generations of investors to build a better financial future through investing. Also with a smaller budget you can already start investing. The time to invest in your future is now. 

Online Workshop/ Inspiration session: ‘How to start with sustainable investing?’.

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